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Adams Corned Beef

Adams Corned Beef

March 6, 2015

Corned Beef Whole

St. Patrick’s Day was a big deal in my home when I was growing up. My Dad’s mom was an immigrant whose ship docked at Ellis Island in 1907. My Mom’s father, Walter Sweeney’s, family came from Cork, Ireland. With both of my parents having such close ties with people directly from Ireland, the celebration of our roots was a joyous one for all my eight siblings and me, except when it came to the food. I always looked good in green, but I never like Corned Beef, and I still don’t like cabbage.

For years Adams has tried to find the best and easiest Corned Beef for people like me who might buy it just once a year. We’ve carried brands that everyone else has, we’ve tried local companies, and we’ve always done okay, but we’ve never been able to exceed our customer’s expectations, which is always our goal. Finally, a few years ago our friends at Omaha Beef, Inc. of Danbury, Connecticut came up with a recipe for a Corned Beef brine that harkened back to the days of my teens when we would brine our own beef at the butcher shop where I first worked. They’ve perfected the process so whether it’s a Round or Brisket, the flavor garners the approval of even the toughest of Irishmen, and we all know how tough they can be! It’s the best Corned Beef we can find, and that’s why we put our name on it. And as it turns out, as I get older I’ve grown to absolutely love Corned Beef both as a center-of-the-plate meal (with plenty of potatoes and carrots) or for Rueben or Corned Beef sandwiches. I definitely have it many more times than once a year because I can get a main meal and a couple of lunches out of a five pound piece. And with the sincerest of apologies to Grandma DeWitt and Grandpa Sweeney, I still don’t like cabbage. But I love Adams Corned Beef and I know you will too!

Farm Stand
Artwork by Kyle DeWitt

We’ve all heard about how much beef prices have gone up in the past year. The price of beef Briskets has risen even more than the market in general because of the Barbeque craze that is sweeping homes and restaurants all across the country. For that reason the price of Corned Beef Brisket, for many the preferred cut, is higher than it has ever been. We’ve developed an alternative to the brisket, cut from the Round in such a way that it keeps some of the physical characteristics of a flat cut brisket, and retains the flavor you expect while using a leaner piece of beef. We call it the Farm Market Flat Cut. I’m certain you’ll be blown away by the flavor, and as always you can count on Adams to give you the very best quality and value. So for that one day a year we’re all Irish, or several times over the course of a year, enjoy a Corned Beef that would make an Irishman proud!

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As always, thank you for Shopping Adams,
Bob DeWitt
Adams Newburgh Meat Department Manager