Adams Kitchen

Adams Kitchen

Restaurant-Quality Food, Ready When You Are

One of our fastest growing departments is the Adams Kitchen. Tucked away in each of our stores are fully equipped food service kitchens, where our chefs are busy preparing all the appetizing selections you find in our hot bars, hot cases, salad bars and self-serve food cases.

Talented chefs choose to work at Adams
Imagine having a Culinary Institute of America graduate cooking your dinner tonight. Or how about an executive chef from one of your favorite restaurants catering a dinner party in your home? When you’re shopping for prepared foods at Adams, these are the chefs who are working behind the scenes to prepare nutritious, high quality dishes for our customers to take home. What draws these terrific chefs to Adams? They love the challenge of working hard with non-stop production, great ingredients and a variety of needs.

What’s on today’s menu at the Adams Kitchens?
Our more than 25 chefs cook up a tantalizing marketplace of meals to suit your tastes, your diet and your budget. Our Wappinger kitchen serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner selections. Adams Poughkeepsie, Kingston and Newburgh kitchens prepare lunches and dinners. The range of selection is huge and changes daily. Among our popular offerings you’ll find several varieties of chicken wings, assorted cooked vegetables, macaroni and cheese, lasagna, stuffed cabbage, baked or poached salmon and many others. Their salad bars are also a big hit! Check out the Daily Hot Bar Menus.

All Adams locations offer a wide range of catering options as well, from breakfast and coffee to entrees, deli platters and dessert. See the menu and Order Online.