Produce is where it all began

You may have noticed that whichever Adams Store you enter–the main entrance leads you straight to produce. And every produce item leads you to a nutritious meal. Every member of our staff and the whole Adams family realize that not only was our original farm stand (see History) built around our ability to provide the finest quality produce, it’s also the centerpiece of our modern-day farm stand.

Selecting perfect produce

Our customers want to be able to smell the freshness of the melons (press the stem end and you’ll notice the melon fragrance), or choose an avocado (remove the little stem, if it’s green, it’s getting ripe, if it’s black, it has gone too far) that will be ripe and ready when they need it. In season, the green beans bin gets filled up sometimes eight times a day, or more, because Adams customers know they’re fresh. Because of the Adams family farm history, you’ve got decades of experience on your plate.

So, it’s “with a farmer’s eye” that the produce you see on display is chosen. You’re greeted by row after row of bins, benches and coolers abundantly stocked with beautiful hand-selected fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs, greens, mushrooms, potatoes, squashes, root vegetables, peppers, tomatoes and much more. Be sure to read the produce signs—most provide nutritional information and helpful tips. Our knowledgeable attendants are also on hand to answer any questions you may have. Whether you are looking for pomegranates or plantains, radicchio or romaine, you’ll find it at Adams Fairacre Farms.

Farmers are our friends

Because we began as farmers, we have tremendous respect for the farmers we deal with across our region. When you shop at Adams you’ll learn that our produce has producers who grow responsibly and who put their livelihoods on the line to bring their best from the field to every Adams market. You’ll get to know the names and we regularly tell their stories. More than a little love comes in every bag and basket of produce from Adams.