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“Life is Great. Cheese Makes it Better.”

Every Adams Fairacre Farms location has a Cheese Department and each one is a celebration of the highest form that milk can achieve. We carry so many varieties that choosing your cheese might be a challenge. However, our knowledgeable staff is here to help you enjoy every savory morsel you bring home. Humans have been enjoying cheese for more than 6,000 years. We present a tempting array of exciting new cheeses, as well as mature and satisfyingly aged older varieties.

Enjoy Hudson River Valley’s nationally renowned cheeses
In the past 20 years, the reputation and quality of our local and regional cheeses has grown exponentially. Hand-crafted, award-winning cheeses are coming from all around our Valley. There are subtle and satisfying goat cheeses, goat’s milk and yogurt from Coach Farm in Pine Plains. Their aged specialties like the Green Peppercorn Cone and fresh goat cheeses like the Log, Disc and Medallion have won many competitions and awards and are an essential part of Hudson Valley regional cuisine.

We are proud to feature other local artisanal cheesemakers. The Old Chatham Sheepherding Company’s sheep’s milk Nancy Camembert, Hudson Valley Camembert Square and Kinderhood Creek are award-winners. And, their Ewe’s Blue 100% pure sheep’s milk blue cheese is creamy and fruity with a pleasing bite. When you try Nettle Meadow’s triple crème wheel made from goat’s milk and Jersey cow cream, you’ll understand why it’s a Blue Ribbon winner from the 2010 American Cheese Contest. Nettle Meadow’s Kunik inspired Esquire magazine to rave, “Kunik. It may very well be the sexiest cheese in the U.S.A.” Come in soon and see what’s new and what’s ripened to perfection, like Chaseholm Camembert from the Amazing Real Live Food Company. Our Hudson Valley Cheese pride is always on display.

Many of the world’s finest cheeses can be found at Adams
France, alone, reputedly has over 240 different cheeses and we offer many of the finest examples of the French cheese making art–Morbier, St. André, Brie, Reblochon, Camembert, Roquefort, Pont l’Evêque, Boursin and so many others. British cheesemaking has grown more creative in the past 20 years (even the French love it) and Adams carries classics like aged Farmhouse Cheddar, Cheshire, Red Leicester, and Wallace & Gromit’s favorite, Wensleydale, as well as Caerphilly, Sage Derby, Huntsman and other exciting new tastes. Shop here for classic Italian cheeses such as creamy blue Gorgonzola, delicate Taleggio, Locatelli, Bel Paese, aged Provologne, real Parmesan and Romano. Plus, there’s Irish Cheddar and Dubliner, Mexican Queso Fresco, Norwegian Gjetost and Jarlesberg, Spanish Manchego, Dutch Gouda and Beemster. We can’t go on. You’ll just have to come in and see for yourself!

Coffee & Tea

Satisfy Your Thirst for Amazing Coffee and Tea
Our passion for great coffee and superb tea inspires us, daily, to seek out the most satisfying selection of both that you can find in the Hudson Valley. Sample and savor Adams gourmet coffees from the celebrated coffee lands, Fair Trade organic selections, along with 100% Swiss Water decafs. From local roasters like Bear Mountain Coffee, Irving Farm and Tas Kafé, we feature varietal roasts from Costa Rica, Guatemala and more. All Adams coffees are available either as the whole bean or ground to your exact specifications.

In each of our stores the tea aisle is exceptionally well stocked with fine teas from near and far. Harney & Sons Fine Teas are popular with our customers as well as the British Royals. Twinings, Pukka Tea, PG Tips, Barry’s Irish Tea, Lyons, Republic of Tea and many more. Whether your taste runs to black tea, green tea, white tea, herbals or blends, you’ll find Adams has the perfect cup to pick you up.

Adams Own Mozzarella

Handmade fresh daily by our own Master Mozzarella Maker, Greg Laraia, and his team of experts! Check out Greg's story: Adams Welcomes a Mozzarella Master!

Sip & Shop

Grab a hot cup of coffee, a creamy cappuccino, or bold espresso from our Coffee Department on your next trip to Adams. We rotate flavors of drip coffee from our self-serve area each day. And don't forget to buy a bag of beans to-go!

Chaseholm Farm and Creamery

Makers of small batch, artisanal cheese located just outside of Pine Plains, NY. Grass-based dairy farm using cow's milk from their farm's own herd.

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