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Our seafood is so fresh because it’s so popular… and it’s so popular because it’s so fresh

It’s not bragging to say that Adams Seafood is good because it is so fresh. Every day, except Sunday, we receive deliveries from The Fulton Fish Market in New York City, the Boston Fish Pier, Portland’s Fish Exchange and the New Bedford Landing, and many more. Another reason our fish is fresher is because we bring in much of our fish whole and cut it in our stores, so it is exposed to the air for as short a time as possible. When you look at our whole fish, you can see how fresh they are by the firm glossy color and texture, and eyes that are bright and not sunken. It should smell fresh, maybe sweet, or a little briny.

An uncompromising commitment to quality
Adams fishmongers have years of experience buying and selling and their skills allow us to offer our customers healthy, flavorful, competitively priced, high quality seafood. We are your neighborhood fish market in that our service is personal, but we’re unlike most because we have a massive daily turnover, so our fish is always fresh.

Our fish chefs help you be more creative
Each Adams Seafood Department is a little different, because we cater to our customers’ requests. Our staff is knowledgeable and helpful, and since some are also chefs, they create tempting combinations and store-prepared, take-home fish dishes that will please your palate and delight your family. The selection changes often, so this week’s Alaskan sole stuffed with crabmeat may be Tilapia with shrimp stuffing the next time you come in. Whether we prepare your seafood or you prepare it yourself, Adams Seafood is the freshest you can get and will gratify your guests and your family with its quality.


Gourmet-on-the-Go Dinner Solutions

Try our store-made lobster macaroni and cheese, crab cakes, stuffed salmon and more!

Whole Fish Filleted While You Wait

Our Seafood staff is happy to fillet and de-bone any whole fish you order to make meal prep easier and faster.

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