Seasonal Greenhouse

Seasonal Greenhouse

We get Hudson Valley gardens growing

Mark and Sue Adams in their greenhouse


The numbers associated with Mark Adams Greenhouses are staggering. Forty-plus years as growers of premium annual flower and vegetable plants sold in Adams’ four locations, five acres of greenhouses, and 100,000 tomato plants, all directly supervised by Mark and Sue Adams. Mark Adams began gardening when he was seven years old, taught by his father and grandfather. When he and Sue married, she discovered her passion for plants and plantings.

Gorgeous gardens start here

Annual plants are the primary focus of Mark Adams Greenhouses, and flowering annuals excite the eye and get attention in many yards and landscapes. Sue Adams advises that you can plant in just a small color palette, like reds or yellows, or stretch your creativity with a more adventurous color range using attractive foliage plants like trailing sweet potatoes with vibrant green foliage to fill in.

A million tomatoes get their start at Adams

Mark Adams did the math one day. They raise and sell 100,000 tomato plants. If only half of them produce a normal yield of tomatoes, that’s 1,000,000 tomatoes in one season!

Fresh herbs for all seasons

A few fresh herbs grown in your garden, in a pot or on a windowsill, can bring a huge flavor burst to so many dishes, create a soothing healthful herbal tea, or scent your home and bathtub.

  • Basil: Ideal for Italian and Thai dishes, grows well on sunny windowsills.
  • Peppermint: Perfect for refreshing herbal tea, easy to grow and maintain.
  • Parsley: This versatile culinary herb thrives in moderate to bright light conditions.
  • Sage: Great for culinary uses, requires full sun and well-drained soil.
  • Rosemary: Aromatic, perfect for cooking and ornamental use, loves the full sun.
  • Thyme: Excellent for culinary dishes, thrives in hot, sunny locations.

Plants = Happiness

Sue and Mark Adams invite you to make your life a little bit brighter with fabulous flowers and delicious home-grown vegetables. There’s really nothing better than enjoying a meal cooked with something you’ve grown yourself. Trust Adams to make your garden (and kitchen) beautiful.

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What our Customers say




It was my first time going there. I thought it to be small supermarket but it is bigger than I thought. The green house is Beautiful one of the best I have seen so far.

High quality products and reasonable prices. Staff beyond helpful and friendly. Each area is layout with a country feel. Their garden area is beautiful and filled with seasonal items. They even had purple poinsettia! What I loved the most was their locally sourced items. Fantastic experience from start to finish. Will be returning regularly!

I never had a problem with their service before. The prices seem quite reasonable. You can get a variety of things needed for the kitchen/home and most of all, I loooooooooooooooove the plants collection. If you love plants, indoor or outdoor that's the best place to go. My first time there I was in love. Walking around in the indoor green house was heaven. Surreal.






Love their products and selection of produce, can be pricey but it is worth it. When it isn't crowded, I enjoy taking my time and touring the greenhouses. Their flower selection is amazing.

Adams was bustling today with lots of people picking out Spring plants. The staff was friendly and attentive and knowledgeable. The plant stock is well cared for and reasonably priced. I saw many unusual plants that are not available elsewhere. Like an amazing Lungwort that will soon be planted in my front garden urn.