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The Legacy of Ralph R. Adams (March 8, 1923 – November 21, 2014)

November 21, 2014

Ralph Adams2It is never easy to say goodbye. The best we can do is remember with fondness the legacy of Ralph R. Adams. (March 8, 1923 – November 21, 2014).

We are surely not the only ones to mourn the loss of a Hudson Valley icon, a man who lived a full life in service to others. Ralph had a heart made of pure gold, although he sometimes chose to disguise it behind a no-nonsense exterior. Always generous and hard working, he would often be seen taking money from his own pocket to make something right or ease the burden of someone less fortunate, if only for a moment. His vast knowledge and drive made him an invaluable resource, a man to be admired and respected, who would never ask anyone to do something he himself wouldn’t do.

We will miss seeing him out in the parking lot early in the morning, picking up litter, pulling weeds from flowerbeds, straightening shopping carts and laboring with great care and attention over the fresh produce that is at the heart of Adams. In so many ways we feel he himself was the heart and soul of the store everyone loves.

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Ralph Adams3We will all miss his unique spirit, his considerable knowledge, his humble patriarchy and his kindness. Our hearts are heavy from the loss of one so beloved but soar because we were fortunate to know and be inspired by him. It is a privilege for us all to number ourselves a part of his large and loving family.

Thank you, Ralph, for sharing your life’s work, for making us smile, teaching us so much and making us aspire to a true farmer’s work ethic. We will carry you in our hearts forever.