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Praying Mantis, A Natural Insecticide

Did you know our Garden Centers sell praying mantis eggs? They are great as a natural insecticide against aphids, scale, mites and mosquitos! Check out WRRV’s article about our praying mantis babies.  

Best Local Apple Cider Donuts

Hudson Valley Magazine recently asked local residents who has the best apple cider donuts in the Hudson Valley, and Adams’ donuts were ranked #3! These fall favorites are made fresh in our store and are great to-go, or enjoyed warm … Read More

The 20 Best Regional Supermarket Chains of All Time

by @DavidLandsel  @FoodandWine Rattle around this country like a marble in a half-empty tin for a few years, and you learn, eventually, that as much as things stay the same, they are often quite different, radically different, particularly when we … Read More

Candy Apples vs Caramel Apples

The debate continues! Do you prefer crunchy, sticky, red candy on your apple or chewy, creamy caramel? It’s a tough decision, both are fall classics! CNY News complied a list of the 13 favorite places to get great candy and … Read More

Grocery Store Spotlight: Adams Fairacre Farms

By Peter Aaron@Chronogram #HudsonValley It’s not such a shock that Chronogram readers voted Adams Fairacre Farms their favorite Hudson Valley grocery store. The family-owned franchise, which last year celebrated its 100th anniversary, is beloved for its peerless selection of just-picked produce, fresh … Read More

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