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Adams Fairacre Farms Partners with Hudson Valley Fresh

February 1, 2024
Adams Fairacre Farms

Poughkeepsie, NY – February 1, 2024 – Adams Fairacre Farms, a farm market and garden center in the Hudson Valley since 1919, announces their partnership with Hudson Valley Fresh, a premier local dairy producer.

Hudson Valley Fresh, a long-time friend of Adams, will now be the dairy used in the Adams Farmstand Fresh milk line. “This partnership is more than a business venture; it’s a union of shared values and a way to offer our community quality products while supporting our local farmers,” said Pat Adams from Adams Fairacre Farms. “We’re overjoyed to help bring Adams Farmstand Fresh milk to households across the Hudson Valley,” said Sam Simon, co-founder of Hudson Valley Fresh. “This partnership not only delivers exceptional dairy products to our mutual customers but also strengthens our shared mission to support and educate our community about the importance of local, sustainable farming and milk.”

Adams chose Hudson Valley Fresh milk because of its premium quality. They deliver to each of the 5 Adams stores in 3 days or less of milking which in turn brings superior freshness to our customers. The quality of this milk is based on the following factors: a low somatic cell count (which indicates very healthy cows), assurance the milk is constantly tested for protein, fat and volume content that meet high standards, natural omega 3 and omega 6, its natural higher fat content which makes a creamier milk and its quick 20 second pasteurization methods.

The Adams Farmstand Fresh milk showcases a new look, using the earlier farmstand appeal of Adams. Customers can now find this premium milk in all Adams Fairacre Farms locations, including Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Newburgh, Wappinger, and the newest addition in Town of Wallkill/Middletown.

About Adams Fairacre Farms:

At Adams Fairacre Farms, we see every day as an opportunity to share a unique shopping experience from the backyard to the kitchen table as a farm market and garden center. At the heart of Adams is a friendly, knowledgeable staff, dedicated to helping you get what you need and find what you love. Family-founded and deeply rooted in the community since 1919 with 5 stores in Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Newburgh, Wappinger, and the newest addition in Town of Wallkill/Middletown. Visit to learn more.

About Hudson Valley Fresh:

Hudson Valley Fresh takes pride in its unwavering commitment to high standards in milk quality, cow comfort, and sustainable farming practices. With a focus on producing delicious, minimally pasteurized dairy products, Hudson Valley Fresh Dairy is a leader of quality in the industry. Their dedication to providing antibiotic-free products, refraining from using rBST, and ensuring the well-being of their animals is at the heart of their operations.

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