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Goldfish Plant
July 27, 2021

Growing Goldfish Plants

The goldfish plant earned its name because of the masses of red-orange flowers that appear in the spring and summer and look a bit like leaping goldfish. If you’ve ever seen a fully mature plant in a hanging basket in full bloom, it’s a wonderful sight. They are profuse bloomers when cared for and add […]
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Buterfly Bush
July 23, 2021

Low Maintenance Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bush is a deciduous shrub with an arching habit and impressive flowers. It’s easy to grow and produces striking flower spikes. Thanks to the magic of cultivar developers, the flowers now come in a number of colors, including pink, yellow blue and multicolor. And as the name suggests, these shrubs are known as magnets […]
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Calla Lily
July 17, 2021

Growing Calla Lily Indoors

Calla lilies are gracefully-shaped flowers that are sought after for both special occasion bouquets and beautiful home gardens. The blooms are truly timeless, and calla lilies have a storied history, including mentions in Greek and Roman mythology, where they were tied to both Hera, the goddess of marriage and birth, and Venus, the goddess of love […]
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Box of Fruits and Vegetables
July 15, 2021

Summer Produce Guide

Not sure how to pick out a ripe cantaloupe? Need more info on when you can expect fresh spinach? Check out this guide to summer produce for those answers and more! Need recipe ideas for your summer produce? You’ll find some of our favorites HERE. Apples come into season mid- to late-summer and are harvested […]
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Hibiscus Summerific Tie Dye
June 30, 2021

A Summerific® Hibiscus

Just about the time that many gardens are beginning to look a bit forlorn from the summer heat, Summerific Hibiscus (commonly called Rose Mallow) comes into its prime. Blooming from mid to late summer, and well into fall, these stunners bear the largest flowers of any perennial with buds appearing up the stems, not just […]
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Pink and Purple Mums
June 27, 2021

Hardy Mums Care & Info

Hardy mums are valued in landscaping because they bloom primarily in the fall, helping you to achieve four-season interest in your yard. They’re also a favorite of florists for arrangements, thanks to the longevity of their blooms. They not only come in a wide array of colors, but they also have different flower forms and growth […]
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Ornamental Peppers
June 15, 2021

Ornamental Pepper Plant Profile

In the vegetable garden, some plants blur the boundary between beautiful and delicious. The vibrant reds, yellows, oranges and purples of our ripening fruits and vegetables sometimes seem to lend themselves to use beyond the plate; these lovely veggies enhance the flower garden and vase as much as they do our recipes. The ornamental pepper […]
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Orange Crossandra
May 25, 2021

Crossandra the Firecracker Plant

Crossandra plants can be thought of as slightly easier cousins of the hibiscus, though they aren’t related. Also known as firecracker flower, crossandra is native to Sri Lanka and southern India. It features narrow, oblong leaves and showy peach or coral flowers. It’s grown as a bedding plant in tropical and subtropical areas and as an annual in […]
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Pink Coneflowers
April 25, 2021

Caring for Coneflowers

Coneflowers, also known as Echinacea, are tough little native flowers that draw butterflies, bees and birds to the garden! Here’s how to grow this American native—and important tips on plant care, from deadheading to cutting back in June. Bright, upright plants, coneflowers are a North American perennial in the Daisy family (Asteraceae). Specifically, the plant […]
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