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Mixed Hot Peppers in Bowl
March 10, 2023

Perplexed About Peppers?

Which is the hottest? Which pepper is best for frying? How about all those pretty colorful peppers? How do you choose? Let’s start with hot peppers. Signs above the plants sold at Adams Fairacre Farms shows the SHU rating. What’s that? In 1912, Wilbur Scoville, an American pharmacist, devised a test and scale to measure […]
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Vegetable Garden
March 8, 2023

Planting Schedule Chart

As the weather starts heating up, so does the excitement to get your garden planted. But putting plants in the ground at the wrong time can lead to negative results. Your best option is to make a plan for when and where you’ll plant your garden. To help you get started, Sue Adams has put […]
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March 3, 2023

Tomato FAQ

Mark and Sue Adams answer your most frequently asked questions on growing and caring for tomato plants. How are Heirloom, Hybrid and Grafted Tomatoes Different? An heirloom tomato is a tomato variety that is more than 50 years old. The seeds have been passed down from generation to generation. When you save the seeds from […]
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Vegetable garden
March 3, 2023

Easy Vegetable Gardening

Whether you have sprawling acres, raised beds or even just a few pots, you can grow vegetables at home. CLICK HERE to check out our guide to easy vegetable gardening for tips and tricks on creating a fun and fruitful vegetable garden.
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Cucumber Plant in Containers
January 17, 2023

Container Cucumbers

Patio Snacker is a well branched, short, vining variety perfect for large containers with small trellises. This fast-growing plant produces early, continuous high yields of 8-in. (20-cm) dark green fruit with great flavor and a nice crunch. Perfect vining variety for large containers with trellises. Planting Cucumbers should be planted in a section of your garden […]
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Cauliflower Plant
December 30, 2022

Growing Cauliflower Plants

Cauliflower is one of the many cabbage-related cole crops that revel in cool weather. Mark Twain called it “a cabbage with a college education,” but it’s more than just a cabbage with airs. Cauliflower has a very distinct nuttiness and is similar to broccoli in flavor. The main edible part of both cauliflower and broccoli […]
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Pumpkin Bird Feeder
October 17, 2022

Pumpkin Recycling

Halloween is approaching, so there’s a good chance you have a pumpkin or two around your house. They make great decorations, but once the carving and trick-or-treating is over, don’t just toss them in the trash. There are lots of great ways to use pumpkins in and around the yard in the weeks ahead. Share […]
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Eggplant on Vine
October 13, 2022

Growing Eggplant

Eggplant is easy to grow, and some varieties are so beautiful they can be used as ornamentals. The flowers come in either purple or white with five lobes, and they give way to the beautiful eggplants that are typically a deep purple color and can come in various sizes and shapes. Eggplant is a fast-growing, […]
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Dried Vegetable Seeds
September 28, 2022

Saving Vegetable Seeds

Gardeners tend to be a thrifty lot, and saving seeds from one year to another just makes sense. So, start saving those vegetable seeds! Here’s a quick primer on the benefits of seed-saving and how to know when a seed is ripe. Why Save Seeds? There are three good reasons to learn the technique of seed-saving. Saving […]
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