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Vegetable garden
March 3, 2023

Easy Vegetable Gardening

Whether you have sprawling acres, raised beds or even just a few pots, you can grow vegetables at home. CLICK HERE to check out our guide to easy vegetable gardening for tips and tricks on creating a fun and fruitful vegetable garden.
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Spring Vegetable Planting
April 1, 2022

Vegetables You Can Plant in April

by Mark Adams of Mark Adams Greenhouses Gardeners who can’t wait for spring to arrive have plenty of options. I always plant my vegetable garden too early (and put everything way too close together). Garlic that I planted last fall has sprouted, and the strawberries – a new variety called “Archer” that is supposed to […]
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Vegetable Deck Rail Plants
May 13, 2022

Growing Vegetables in Deck Rail Planters

Deck rail planters are great for decorative flowers and adding visual appeal to your home, but you can grow vegetables in them, too. Deck rail planters are great for herbs. Most herbs don’t need deep soil to thrive, so they’re ideally suited for these set ups. But not all deck rail planters are shallow. You […]
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Carrots in Ground
September 15, 2022

3 Ways to Overwinter Root Vegetables

There’s nothing quite like pulling a homegrown carrot from the soil for a Valentine’s Day celebration with your sweetheart. If you’ve never managed this feat, perhaps this will be your year. Overwintering root vegetables is easier than you think, if you employ a successful overwintering strategy. While many gardeners store harvested root crops in their […]
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Vegetable Harvest
July 19, 2022

Storing Vegetables

There are vegetables you should NEVER store in the refrigerator as well as vegetables you should ALWAYS store in the fridge for the best taste and texture. Properly storing your vegetables will maximize not only their longevity, but their taste and texture. When it comes to storing fresh produce, here’s a little background. There are three basic […]
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Carrot Bunches
June 7, 2022

How to Store Fall Vegetable Harvests

Pull out your cookbooks and your soup pots. Make some goodie bags for friends and neighbors. It’s fall harvest time, and sometimes the amount of veg you’re pulling out of your garden can feel overwhelming, pushing your creative cooking limits. But don’t forget: the bounty won’t last forever, and you’ll thank yourself in mid-winter if […]
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Dried Vegetable Seeds
September 28, 2022

Saving Vegetable Seeds

Gardeners tend to be a thrifty lot, and saving seeds from one year to another just makes sense. So, start saving those vegetable seeds! Here’s a quick primer on the benefits of seed-saving and how to know when a seed is ripe. Why Save Seeds? There are three good reasons to learn the technique of seed-saving. Saving […]
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Veronica Hybrid Magic Show® White Wands
August 18, 2022

Veronica Hybrid Magic Show® White Wands

Pure white flower wands are borne prolifically atop the short, dense clump of dark green foliage. Try planting in combination containers or near the front of the border. Hardiness Zone Zones 4-8 Category Perennial Flower Color White Shades Foliage Green Shades Blooming Time Spring and Summer Light Requirement Part Sun to Full Sun Water Category […]
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Purple Spiked Speedwell
March 1, 2021

Veronica Magic Show® ‘Purple Illusion’ Spike Speedwell

Joining the popular Magic Show® Veronica comes a brand new color for the collection. ‘Purple Illusion’ matches the habit and flower size of ‘Wizard of Ahhs’, but with thick, rosy purple flowers. Dark green leaves form a thick foliar canopy, so the plant has substance even after it has finished blooming. ‘Purple Illusion’ requires vernalization […]
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