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Flower Crown
June 7, 2022

DIY Flower Crown

Whether you’re in a wedding, going to a party or you just want to celebrate the season, a flower crown is a beautiful way to make the most of the season’s fresh blossoms. It’s a simple project that will add a lovely touch to any event. Buy or pick your favorite flowers, greenery or berries, […]
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Pink & White Petunias
July 13, 2022

How to Deadhead Flowers

Deadheading is a gardening task that must be done regularly throughout the growing season. Deadheading is nothing more than the removal of dead or spent flowers from living plants. It’s good for your plants and means more flowers for you. Benefits of Deadheading There are four main reasons to include deadheading as part of your […]
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Potted Flowers on Deck
June 23, 2022

Planting in Flower Pots

Get your pots cleaned up and set up the right way so you will have happy plants that thrive all season long. Don’t start planting until your pots are ready to do their job. Make sure your containers are well prepared, draining properly and protected from the elements so they’ll be easier to maintain. Here’s […]
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Forget Me Not Flowers-new
May 12, 2022

Forget-Me-Not Flowers

Forget-me-not is valued for its attractive flowers. Although the blooms are usually blue, other colors do exist. A bonus feature is that the buds preceding the blooms are pink, so you get two colors for the price of one. A short plant (often just 5 inches at maturity) with a medium growth rate, forget-me-not has […]
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Plant with Frost
April 6, 2023

Facts About Frost

Early Spring Planting Ah, it’s a beautiful day, and you can’t wait to start planting! New trees and shrubs, most herbaceous perennials, pansy, snapdragon, lettuce, spinach, peas, chard, collards, beets, carrots and radishes can tolerate a frost. Semi-tender plants that will tolerate a light frost include broccoli, cauliflower, petunia, lobelia, geranium, dusty miller, osteospermum (cape […]
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March 24, 2023

Understanding Frost Dates

Before you begin planting your garden, you need to know the last and first frost dates in your region so that you plant at the right time. What is a frost date? A frost date is the average date of the last frost in spring or the first frost in fall or winter. Frost occurs […]
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Raspberry Bush
July 19, 2022

Storing Fruit

Just like vegetables, each type of fruit has unique requirements to maintain its’ freshness. Follow these tips for properly storing fruit and enjoy your harvested, or store-bought, produce longer. A. Fruit to Keep in the Refrigerator Apples Store apples in a refrigerator for the short term. It helps to have a fruit drawer and a damp […]
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Purple Fountain Grass
August 16, 2022

Caring for Fountain Grass

Fountain grass (Pennisetum) is a mound-forming ornamental grass and a garden favorite, as the care of fountain grass is easy. The cascading leaves on this plant have a fountain-like appearance. Clump-forming grasses grow in mounds or clumps, making them ideal for many areas without becoming invasive. It can be used alone as a specimen plant […]
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Fuchsia flowers-new
May 12, 2022

Fuchsia: A Shade Lover

From spring to fall, fuchsias produce dozens of brightly colored dangling, teardrop-shaped, single or double flowers from trailing stems, and they do so in the kind of shady conditions where most plants struggle. Fuchsias are a fabulous staple for hanging baskets with their elegant, drooping flowers hanging down like so many crystals on a fancy […]
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