Flower Crown

DIY Flower Crown

June 7, 2022
Adams Fairacre Farms

Whether you’re in a wedding, going to a party or you just want to celebrate the season, a flower crown is a beautiful way to make the most of the season’s fresh blossoms. It’s a simple project that will add a lovely touch to any event. Buy or pick your favorite flowers, greenery or berries, and make a beautiful crown following these steps.

  1. Measure your head and add 2 inches. If you are going to be wearing this wreath over a hairstyle (such as for a wedding), get your hair into that style first and then measure your hair. Some hairstyles, such as French braids and braided crowns, can add bulk to your head.
  2. Cut a piece of sturdy wire according to that measurement. Try to use some thicker floral, like the kind that has paper around it. This will help the florist’s tape stick better to it. Do not use scissors to cut the wire or you will dull them. Use wire cutters instead.
  3. Make a ring with the wire and overlap the ends by 1 inch. The ring should hold its shape. If it is too floppy, twist two to three strands of wire together, and make the ring again. This should make it sturdier.
  4. Wrap florist’s tape around the overlapping ends to secure them. You can also wrap some more tape around the entire wire ring. This will give you a base to work on. It will also make the color more consistent.
  5. Choose your flowers, greenery or berries and cut the stems down to 1-2 inches below the bloom. Use scissors to cut real or dried flowers, and wire cutters to cut fake flowers. Try to cut all the stems down to the same length. This will make the crown neater in the end.
    • Try using large, medium and small flowers. This will give your crown some variety.
  6. Arrange the flowers in a pattern you like. Don’t tape the flowers to the base just yet. You want to get your design down first. It is easier to make changes while the flowers are still on the table. Try alternating between different shapes, sizes and colors. Here are some more design ideas:
    • Place the largest flowers in the top/front of the crown. Use smaller and smaller flowers as you go towards the back of the crown.
    • Try having all the flowers pointing in the same direction, towards or away the top of the crown.
    • The flowers don’t have to be right up against each other. You can have them spaced as close together or as far apart as you want.
    • Instead of attaching flowers all the way around the wire base, place them only on the top.
  7. Attach the first flower to the wire base. Hold the flower against so that the stem is laying horizontally alongside the wire. Wrap some florist’s tape around the stem and the wire. Start just below the bloom, and keep wrapping until you are ½ inch past the end of the stem. Cut the tape and press the edge down to seal it.
  8. Lay the second flower just behind first one and secure it with florist’s tape. Place it so that the bloom overlaps the first flower’s. The closer together the two blooms are, the fuller and heavier your crown will look in the end. The further away the blooms are, the thinner and more delicate your crown will look.
  9. Continue placing and taping the flowers. Keep working your way around the circle, until you’ve used up all of the flowers you laid out in the beginning.
  10. Consider adding some ribbon. Fold several long pieces of ribbon in half and place them just behind the spot where the wires overlap. Leave about 1 inch of the loop just above the wire. Wrap the ribbon ends over the wire and down through the loop. Gently tug on the ribbons to secure them.
  11. Try on your crown and make any adjustments, if necessary. If you see any gaps or places where you want it to look more full, gently part the flowers, insert another one and tape it in place.

Information courtesy of WikiHow.com