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Vegetable Deck Rail Plants
May 13, 2022

Growing Vegetables in Deck Rail Planters

Deck rail planters are great for decorative flowers and adding visual appeal to your home, but you can grow vegetables in them, too. Deck rail planters are great for herbs. Most herbs don’t need deep soil to thrive, so they’re ideally suited for these set ups. But not all deck rail planters are shallow. You […]
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Strawberry Hanging Baskets
May 5, 2022

Hanging Strawberry Plants

Love strawberries but space is at a premium? All is not lost; the solution is growing strawberries in hanging baskets. Strawberry baskets take advantage of small spaces and with the correct variety, hanging strawberry plants will not only be attractive, but a useful food crop. Other benefits of a hanging strawberry garden are its resistance […]
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Fuji Apple Tree-new
May 3, 2022

Growing Fuji Apple Trees

A crisp and juicy apple that ripens in October and keeps very well in storage. The flesh is sweet and crisp and the light green skin with red blush is very attractive. Vigorous and productive, this variety was developed in Japan and it’s outstanding for fresh eating. Pollinate with any mid-season blooming apple. Hardiness Zones […]
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Spring Vegetable Planting
April 1, 2022

Vegetables You Can Plant in April

by Mark Adams of Mark Adams Greenhouses Gardeners who can’t wait for spring to arrive have plenty of options. I always plant my vegetable garden too early (and put everything way too close together). Garlic that I planted last fall has sprouted, and the strawberries – a new variety called “Archer” that is supposed to […]
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Garlic Plant Sprouts
March 1, 2022

Succession Planting in Your Garden

Succession planting, also known as successive planting, is a way to extend your harvest by staggering plantings of crops or planting varieties with staggered maturing dates. There are four methods of succession planting. Same Vegetable, Staggered Plantings Space out plantings of the same vegetable every two to four weeks. Many vegetables fade after producing their […]
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Seed Starting in Egg Carton
February 16, 2022

Seeds to Success: It’s Easy!

Seed Starting Tips Start seeds indoors February or March so plants will be ready to go into the garden in May. (See our list below on when to start which varieties, indoors and outdoors.) Use clean containers with drainage holes Fill with sterilized seed starting mix. This mix is light and fluffy to hold just enough […]
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Bunch of Okra
February 1, 2022

All About Okra

While many associate okra with summertime in the Southeastern U.S., it’s actually grown all over the world. It’s an essential ingredient in many types of cuisine, including those of the Southeastern U.S., parts of Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean and South America. This hot-weather crop means something different to everybody. Regardless of how you […]
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Box of Fruits and Vegetables
July 15, 2021

Summer Produce Guide

Not sure how to pick out a ripe cantaloupe? Need more info on when you can expect fresh spinach? Check out this guide to summer produce for those answers and more! Need recipe ideas for your summer produce? You’ll find some of our favorites HERE. Apples come into season mid- to late-summer and are harvested […]
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Ornamental Peppers
June 15, 2021

Ornamental Pepper Plant Profile

In the vegetable garden, some plants blur the boundary between beautiful and delicious. The vibrant reds, yellows, oranges and purples of our ripening fruits and vegetables sometimes seem to lend themselves to use beyond the plate; these lovely veggies enhance the flower garden and vase as much as they do our recipes. The ornamental pepper […]
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