Planting Trees & Shrubs

Planting Trees & Shrubs in Summer

August 8, 2022
Adams Fairacre Farms

Why plant in summer? Because plants are no longer using tremendous amounts of energy to flower or grow stems and leaves, they can now devote energy to growing roots! You may have heard that the time to plant has always been in the spring and fall when the weather is cooler. But planting in the summer only requires a bit more work on your part, and in return you will be rewarded with a hardy plant with a good root system, virtually guaranteeing a successful first winter!

  1. Dig the hole as you would any time of year, and always remember, wider but not deeper.
  2. Amend the soil you remove from the hole with a good compost or topsoil. A mix of half existing soil and half good compost is perfect. This will help the soil surrounding the new plant to retain more moisture which means fewer trips with the hose. This is also a good time to remind you of Bio-tone fertilizer. Bio-tone helps grow roots which are what you want when first planting.
  3. Create a ring just outside the back-filled hole using the extra soil. Two or three inches are all that’s needed. This will help the water you put on the plant to stay in the planting area and not run off. If you have a heavy watering hand and tend to over water, summer is also good for you because it’s difficult to over water in the summer.
  4. Mulch, Mulch, Mulch. Mulch will help keep the moisture that you add to stay in the ground longer since the air and the sun will now be working against you by drying the ground out.
  5. Last but far from least-water. Plants need water and I’d bet that you’re still watering the plants you planted this spring. For the first week or so, yes, summer planted plants will need slightly more water. But after that, water as normal and watch your plants, they’ll let you know how they are doing. Spring growth that is now beginning to harden off is much more forgiving of a little less water. Use a soaker hose if you’re planting a hedge or privacy screen, just turn on the spigot and let it run for an hour or two.

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