Green Thumb Leaf Scoop

All About Leaf Scoops

June 7, 2022
Adams Fairacre Farms

A leaf-covered yard can make fall lawn care a tiresome chore. People often approach fall leaves as a seasonal ritual. However, the mow, rake and remove routine is not the only — or even the best — option. Leaf scoops reduce time spent transporting leaves into lawn bags or compost piles. Sliding your hands into leaf scoops can transform you into a leaf-grabbing machine.

Why do you need a leaf scoop?

Think of a leaf scoop as a complement to raking or leaf blowing. Rakes and blowers move large amounts of leaves from one place to another, but once you’ve created leaf mounds, you still need to transfer those leaves into bags or compost containers.

Leaf scoops are a fast and easy way to complete that task. The wide scoops allow you to grab more leaves at once without risking cuts or nicks to your hands. Additionally, you can use the flat surface of the leaf scoop to press leaves down into bags. Leaf scoops also come in handy when distributing mulch or sand.