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Pumpkin Centerpiece Featured Image

Easy DIY Fall Centerpieces

November 14, 2022
Adams Fairacre Farms

You don’t need to spend a lot or shop at specialty stores to create beautiful fall centerpieces. Get inspired with these three centerpieces made with fresh items you can find in your own back yard and kitchen. And don’t be afraid to mix & match or add your own favorite items. Make your centerpiece an expression of you!

Grapeful For You


– Seasonal fresh fruit – Some great choices are apples, cranberries, persimmons, grapes and pears

– Assorted nuts – One type of nut looks like a serving bowl, mix it up for a statement piece




It’s Easy Being Green


– Seasonal berries & greenery – Snip small pieces off your evergreen bushes, including any winter berries

– Candles and plates – Wrap your greenery around any small candles or pretty plates that match your decor




Great Gourds


– Assorted gourds – Mix & match different colors, sizes and shapes

– Fresh herbs – Make use of your end of season herb garden and incorporate branches of sage and rosemary