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Popcorn Garland

DIY Popcorn Garland

November 30, 2022
Adams Fairacre Farms

Why not show your love for this salty treat with a classic popcorn garland?

What you’ll need:

  • A bowl of plain popcorn (plus extra for snacking Winking Face on Apple iOS 15.4)
  • String
  • A large needle
  • Fresh cranberries, optional


  • Thread a long piece of string through the needle. Tie a knot about 6″ from one end of the string.
  • Carefully push needle through popcorn pieces and slide them down to the knotted end. Alternate with cranberries if you like.
  • When the string is full, knot the other end about 6” from that end as well. Loop the ends of the string for hanging.