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Tips to keep your beautiful Adams flowers for longer

December 15, 2016
  • DO: Cut the flower stem ends with sharp knife or clippers to give a fresh surface to take up water.
  • DO: Be sure to use a clean vase–soap and water will remove bacteria that can shorten flower life.
  • DON’T: Use softened water–it has salt in it to soften and that will kill the flowers. If you have a water softener, place your flowers in bottled water.
  • DO: Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight.
  • DON’T: Place flowers near fruit. The ethylene gas that ripens fruit, ripens flowers and that shortens their life
  • DON’T: put your flowers on or near a heater–we once had a customer who had placed their beautiful bouquet on top of a pizza oven! All we can say is…don’t!