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New Plant Variety FAQs

Delosperma Ocean Orange Glow


Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2022 New Plant Variety Survey! We received some great feedback on our new stock. To help you plan your garden, below you will find the answers to some of the questions we received.




Are coleus deer resistant?
Unfortunately no. But if you love coleus, there are great deer repellents that really work. Plants that deer don’t like to eat have a “no deer” icon on the signs above the plants in Adams seasonal greenhouse.

Is Million Bells MiniFamous Double Neo Red deer resistant?
Sorry, calibrachoa, or million bells, is not deer resistant.

Is Heliotrope Augusta Lavender from Proven Winners Fragrant?
No, but this revolutionary new introduction was bred for landscape performance and displays excellent heat and humidity tolerance. Butterflies flock to it. The fragrant heliotrope sold in the seasonal greenhouse is called Scentopia.

“Petunias are eaten by bugs where I live.”
Budworms is the problem, but if you treat with Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Spray, your petunias will be flowering again in a week.

Are your new varieties native or native to New York?
Natives and their cultivars (called Nativars) is a very interesting topic. Adams Nursery sells many plants that are native to the U.S. To find out which ones are native to New York, check out the Ladybird Johnson website which tells which plants are native by region. Also, the D.E.C. Website lists native plants for New York. Handouts for the American Beauties are available at Adams Nursery. In the seasonal greenhouse, we sell penstemon, anemone, iris, lobelia, monarda and aster (fall only) in quart pots.

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