The Spin on Squash

May 6, 2024
Sue Adams

This ancient vegetable (8000 B.C.) has found new life thanks to the spiralizer! And squash is more than just “noodles” – you can use it in soups, quiche, breads, cookies… You can roast it, you can saute it, you can stuff it, you can even fry zucchini blossoms!

Now your taste buds may be ready, but the soil may not be. Squash needs to be planted in late May, when the soil is warm.

Squash is fast and easy to grow from seed:

  • Choose a sunny location.
  • Seed depth should be about 1 to 1 ½”. Follow label directions for the variety you’re sowing.
  • Squash can also be planted in hills – sow 3 seeds per hill.
  • Allow plenty of room. Squash plants can grow 3 feet wide. Air movement is important.
  • Once the plants reach about 4”, mound soil around it to help keep squash borers away.
  • Plan on more than one sowing – May, June and July.
  • Summer squash are prolific producers and can grow 2” a day! Check every day and harvest the squash when it’s about 6 inches long. Remove large squash and add to the compost pile.

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