Mumsettia Info & Care

June 6, 2022
Adams Fairacre Farms

Can’t decide between a chrysanthemum and a poinsettia? Get the best of both when these two favorites team up to become a “Mumsettia”! A fun twist on traditional holiday decorating and just as easy to care for as either plant on its own. Fresh flowers are a welcome treat in winter so consider Mumsettias for gift plants as well as for decorating around the home or as a table centerpiece for holiday get-togethers.

Classic plants for holiday displays! Makes a breathtaking potted specimen plant. Perfect for all kinds of containers. Makes a lovely gift!

Plant Feed
Not necessary.

Most potted flowering plants prefer consistently moist but well-drained soil. If the soil gets too dry the blooms can wilt and they may not recover. Check the soil moisture with your finger. If the top 2-4” of soil is dry, or plants are wilted, it is time to water.

Apply water at the soil level if possible to avoid wetting the foliage. Water the entire soil area until water runs out the base of the pot. This indicates that the soil is thoroughly wet.

Fertile, well-drained soil.

Remove the flowers as they fade. This keeps the plant looking tidy and may encourage more blooms. Be sure to trim the foliage to maintain the desired size and shape. Occasional trimming encourages the plant to develop more side-shoots and flowers, and reduces the demand for the plant to develop a larger root system. This is important since the roots are in a confined space.

Very easy to grow in virtually any location. Best in fertile, well-drained soil. Keep soil moist throughout growth and bloom season. Keep away from drafts.

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