Pink Astilbe

‘Little Vision in Pink’ Astilbe

July 21, 2022
Adams Fairacre Farms

Astilbes are long-lived perennials that are most comfortable when grown in rich soil and light shade to filtered sun. They will grow in full shade, but will not bloom as prolifically there. Though they are easy to grow, Astilbes have one critical requirement–lots of water. Plants must have consistently moist soil; dryness leads to a quick demise, especially in sun. Increase watering as the foliage emerges and the plumes mature. If the soil dries out, the leaves will develop brown, crispy margins and will begin to drop. Fertilize Astilbes in late spring before flowering starts. Wait to cut back the old foliage until spring; it will help protect the plant from winter damage. In the spring, if the crown has risen above soil level, gently press it back into the ground and apply some organic matter around the plant.

The ‘Little Vision in Pink’ stands about 16” in bloom with a dense block of fuzzy, pyramidal shaped, rose pink plumes above the textured, dark green foliage in midsummer. Perfectly sized for containers or the front of the border.

Hardiness Zone
Zones 4-9


Flower Color
Pink Shades

Blooming Time
Mid Summer

Light Requirement
Sun or Shade

Water Category

14-16 Inches

14-16 Inches

Plant Uses & Characteristics
Attracts bees
Resists deer
Resists rabbits
Border Plant
Cut Flower
Dried Flower
Mass Planting