Okanagan Douglas Fir Wood Pellets

About Okanagan Douglas Fir Wood Pellets

June 9, 2022

What to look for in Residential Wood Pellets?

  1. Energy value (BTUs/lb): A high BTU means the wood pellet burns hotter and therefore consumers use less product to heat their homes.
  2. Ash Content: Low ash content means less maintenance and less cleaning of your stove.
  3. ​Moisture content: Low moisture means that more energy is used to heat your home instead of evaporating water.

Okanagan Douglas Fir is certainly the best wood pellet on the market. Burning hotter, longer, and cleaner than any other wood pellet, it has set the standard for super premium fuel pellets. Made from 100% Douglas Fir Softwood, Okanagan Douglas Fir does not use recycled wood, additives, plastic or waxes. Additionally, the very low ash content of this product results in less cleaning and maintenance of your stove, boiler, or furnace.

Information Courtesy of ViridisEnergy.ca