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Test Pilot Grilled Cheese-blog

National Grilled Cheese Day

March 17, 2023
Adams Fairacre Farms

At Adams, we take our cheese very seriously. So when we heard National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day was coming up, we decided we needed to celebrate the only way we knew how: with a grilled cheese of epic proportions!

Today we bring you the McGrath Test Pilot Grilled Cheese, a collaborative effort between Colin McGrath (previously the talent behind multiple award-winning cheeses at Sprout Creek Farm in Poughkeepsie), chef Dan Crocco of Mill House Brewing Company, Adams own Poughkeepsie Cheese Shop Manager Megan Ercole and, of course, local cows!

McGrath Test Pilot is a truly local, ale-washed cheese, slightly fruity and pungent and perfect for a hearty grilled cheese sandwich.

Watch the video below then head over the McGrath Test Pilot Grilled Cheese recipe to try it for yourself!