The 7 Steaks of Summer Series



Join our veteran Meat Managers & Master BBQ Grillers Fred Brill and Bob DeWitt as they talk about 3 Classic Summer Steaks and 4 Artisanal Steaks that you need to try! Every week one of our steaks will be on SALE so check our flyer for the deals! 


The CLASSIC Ribeye

On SALE June 14 – June 20

The ribeye, known for its rich marbling and robust flavor, is a prime choice for grilling due to its tenderness and juiciness. Perfect for Memorial Day, this cut ensures a succulent, flavorful steak that’s sure to impress at any barbecue.

The CLASSIC Filet Mignon

On SALE May 31 – June 6

The filet mignon, cut from the tenderloin, is renowned for its unparalleled tenderness and delicate flavor. It’s an excellent choice for BBQs, grilling quickly to buttery perfection, making it a luxurious, melt-in-your-mouth option.

The ARTISAN Flank Steak

On SALE June 7 – June 13

Flank steak, prized for its intense flavor and lean texture, is a fantastic choice for grilling due to its quick cooking time and versatility. It absorbs marinades well, making it perfect for flavorful, tender slices when grilled and cut against the grain.


The ARTISAN Brazilian Picanha

On SALE June 21 – June 27

Brazilian, a top sirloin cap cut, is known for its rich flavor and tender texture, making it an exceptional choice for BBQ. Its fat cap melts during grilling, infusing the meat with juiciness and a unique taste that’s a perfect steak choice.

The ARTISAN Petite Tender

On SALE June 28 – July 4

The petite tender, a small, lean cut from the shoulder, is known for its tender texture and rich flavor similar to filet mignon. It’s an excellent choice for BBQs, grilling quickly to juicy perfection, with a flavorful alternative to larger cuts.

The ARTISAN Tri-tip

On SALE July 5 – July 11

Tri-tip, a triangular cut from the bottom sirloin, is renowned for its robust flavor and tender texture. Ideal for BBQs, it grills beautifully with a perfect balance of marbling and leanness, ensuring a juicy, flavorful result that’s perfect for slicing and serving.

The CLASSIC Porterhouse

Check Back for Sales Dates

The porterhouse, a large T-bone steak that includes both tenderloin and strip steak, offers the best of both worlds with its tenderness and rich flavor. Perfect for BBQs, it’s an impressive cut ideal for grilling and sharing.