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Classic Irish Coffee

Classic Irish Coffee

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  • 2 cups Freshly-brewed strong hot coffee
  • 2 tbsp Brown sugar
  • 6 tbsp Irish whiskey
  • Heavy cream for whipping


Whip the Cream:

  1. Beat heavy cream in a medium bowl until it starts to just thicken.
  2. Add sugar a tablespoon at a time to sweeten to taste and continue to beat until it whips to desired consistency (I prefer not to whip it into stiff peaks for this).
  3. You can also add 1-2 tablespoons of Bailey’s Irish Cream, whiskey or vanilla to the cream, if you like, but do so after it has started to thicken.
  4. Set aside.

Assemble the Coffee:

  1. Pour hot water into 2 footed mugs (or whatever drinking vessels you have that will hold hot liquid) and set aside.
  2. Warm the whiskey over low heat. Empty hot water from mugs, add 1 tablespoon of brown sugar to each and pour coffee to ¾ full.
  3. Add warmed whiskey and stir to blend. Put a generous dollop of whipped cream on each and serve immediately.


Recipe courtesy of Vicki Day