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Wallkill Store Update 7.19.22
July 19, 2022

Adams New Store Update 7.19.22

There’s a big week ahead for our Town of Walkill store construction crew including: -Flat roofing -Indoor plumbing -Parking lot & curbs Also, 50% of the brick block is installed and will be completed soon, a characteristic exterior feature with all Adams Stores. Stay tuned for our next update. In the meantime, here is the […]
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Seed Starting in Egg Carton
June 28, 2022

Al’s Gardening Tip of the Week – Sow Fall Seeds

It’s time to start thinking about seeds that need to be sown for fall vegetables. Cabbage, kale, cauliflower and broccoli can all be sown indoors in about two weeks where it’s cooler and easier to take care of seedlings during the height of summer’s heat. You can grow these under lights and plan on transplanting […]
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Look for Fungus
June 22, 2022

Al’s Gardening Tip of the Week – Look for Fungus

This week, be on the lookout for fungal problems on your plants. Wet, cool weather will help fungus take hold. Powdery mildew, downy mildew and black spot are a couple of the more common ones. Newer bio fungicides are proving to be effective on many of these fungi. While the fungus may not kill your […]
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Planting in garden
June 14, 2022

Al’s Gardening Tip of the Week – Plant More Seeds

Plant seeds for a second crop of vegetables. Succession planting enables you to extend the harvest season and enjoy fresh flowers and vegetables for a longer period of time. Some vegetables that are candidates are beans, zucchini and lettuce. Farmers succession plant sweet corn, paying close attention to the days to harvest for the particular […]
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Woman Gardening
June 6, 2022

Al’s Gardening Tip of the Week – Feed Your Garden

Vegetables and Flowering Annuals need to be fed on a regular schedule using some type of Fertilizer in order to get luscious fruits and veggies and colorful flowers in abundance. Compost, compost tea, liquid fertilizer, granular fertilizer, timed release fertilizer to name some types that are available in conventional and organic formulations. Our Garden experts […]
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Greenhouses - 2
June 3, 2022

Mark & Sue Adams Greenhouses

Ever wonder where the beautiful Seasonal Greenhouse plants come from at Adams? Take a bird’s eye tour of the Mark & Sue Adams Greenhouses! Mark Adams began gardening when he was just seven years old, taught by his father and grandfather. When he and Sue married, she discovered her passion for plants and plantings. Now, […]
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Pollinator - Bee on Flower
June 1, 2022

Show Local Pollinators Some Love

If you’ve heard a lot of buzz about saving the pollinators you may be wondering what it’s all about. What exactly are pollinators? Why are they important? And just why do they need saving? What are pollinators? Insects and animals that drink nectar from flowers, like bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, moths, beetles and even bats, and […]
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Spraying Garden
May 31, 2022

Al’s Gardening Tip of the Week – Checking for Garden Pests

This week, begin to check your gardens, whether they’re vegetables or flowers on a weekly basis for pests. The bad bugs are out there and by checking weekly you can see if the damage is significant, a one-time thing or if the pest pressure is building. Sometimes, a pest like an Aphid can be discouraged […]
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Gardening Table with Plants Tools
May 23, 2022

Al’s Gardening Tip of the Week – Cultivate Your Garden

On some areas of our gardens, where we have planted seeds or smaller transplants, we may not want to, or be ready to, mulch to keep the weeds under control.  If that’s the case, NOW is the time to cultivate the soil. 15-20 minutes a couple of times per week will save hours of time. […]
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