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Al’s Gardening Tip of the Week – Cultivate Your Garden

May 23, 2022
Al Esposito

On some areas of our gardens, where we have planted seeds or smaller transplants, we may not want to, or be ready to, mulch to keep the weeds under control.  If that’s the case, NOW is the time to cultivate the soil. 15-20 minutes a couple of times per week will save hours of time. Taking care of the weeds while they’re small is so easy.

Whatever your tool of choice to get this important task done is, cultivation is very effective: Garden hoe, warren hoe, stirrup hoe, collinear hoe, garden weasel and cape cod weeder, to name  some of the many options.

If you’ve been wanting to get some bare spots in the lawn seeded, do it now while conditions for success are good.

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