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Al’s Gardening Tip of the Week – Checking for Garden Pests

May 31, 2022
Al Esposito

This week, begin to check your gardens, whether they’re vegetables or flowers on a weekly basis for pests.

The bad bugs are out there and by checking weekly you can see if the damage is significant, a one-time thing or if the pest pressure is building.

Sometimes, a pest like an Aphid can be discouraged just by spraying off your plants with a steady stream of water, but if left unchecked the Aphid population increases to a point that you will need to intervene with a pesticide to prevent damage and even the death of your plant. When checking or scouting your plants it’s important to look under the leaves and at the tender new growth on your plant as these are favorite spots for insect pests.

Some bugs will jump or fall off your plant as soon as they see you, others are camouflaged so well they can be hard to spot.  An internet search, book on insect pests of plants or an app download are all ways to identify pests and to learn how to further protect your plants. Observation is key to a healthy garden.

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