All About Pollinators


What are pollinators? And why should you care about them?

There has been a lot of discussion lately about how pollinators play an essential ecological function and that we should do our best to support and protect them. But it’s more important than you think. Put simply, without them, life on our planet would not survive! Not only do we need them to ensure that we have food to eat, but most plant and tree life would disappear altogether without pollination.

What you may not know is that honey bees, birds and butterflies are not the only pollinators out there. Moths, some beetles and flies and even bats do a lot of this necessary work as well.

Let’s show these handy helpers some love, not only by creating natural habitats for them and planting American Beauties Native Plants, but by really getting to know and understand them as well.

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Below are some great resources to learn more about pollinators, their importance and how we can support them:

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American Beauty Native Plants

You’ll discover more ways to help pollinators thrive, learn how certain species are crucial to specific plants and even how existing wild plants (and “weeds”, like clover) in your landscape may be important to keep. There’s so much more to learn and when you do you’ll be even more amazed by and appreciative of our flying friends!