About Hotsticks Firewood

Hotsticks Firewood


Hotsticks firewood is the highest quality packaged Kiln-Dried firewood on the market. It offers the opportunity to experience the ambiance of a real hardwood fire without the worrisome problems that wet, bug infested and decaying wood can bring.

Hotsticks firewood is 100% all natural mixed hardwood from Pennsylvania. Hotsticks firewood is safe for cooking and has no chemicals added. We control all of the manufacturing of our products. Hotsticks are cut from logs we get only from loggers that use ethical harvesting methods from Pennsylvania, cut into 15” lengths and split into 2-6 inches in diameter pieces. Hotsticks are then Kiln Dried in our state of the art Kiln Drying ovens. (Exceeding the USDA, Federal and State requirements of 60 min at a temperature of 160 degrees) After the firewood is dried, it goes through our tumbler that cleans the firewood before moving to our custom packaging line. After being packaged each bag is stacked on a pallet, stretched wrapped and stored in our 250,000 sq. ft. warehouse until shipped to wholesalers, dealers and campgrounds. The end result for our consumers is the highest quality packaged firewood available.

  • 100% all natural Pennsylvania Hardwoods
  • USDA Certified bug free, spore free and mold free
  • New York Approved Treated Firewood/Pest-Free and meets the treating requirements under 6NYCRR section 192.5
  • Meets all federal and State Quarantine Regulations
  • Packaged in a Tough .75 Cu. Ft. – 4.25 mil bag with an integrated, reinforced handle.
  • Kiln-Dried firewood starts easily, burns cleaner, producing less ash and creosote than untreated firewood
  • APHIS Compliant
  • Nationally recognized for quality Kiln-Dried firewood and sold in 42 states from California to Florida to Maine
  • EDI and EFT Capable


  • Fireplaces
  • Wood Stoves
  • Camp Fires
  • Wood Fired Pizza ovens
  • Wood Fired Grills
  • Ideal for Smoking and Cooking

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