DIY Pollinator Projects

DIY Pollinator Projects

May 31, 2023
Adams Fairacre Farms

June is pollinator month! What’s the buzZzZ about pollinators? Without them, humans, and all of Earth’s land ecosystems, could not survive. Our pollinators are under threat due to habitat loss, invasive species and pesticide use, but you can help! Join Rebecca Curtis, Poughkeepsie Nursery, as she reveals some simple ways you can help our pollinators right in your own backyard.

In honor of Pollinator Month, The Northern Dutchess Beekeepers Club (NDBC) will be at our Kingston and Poughkeepsie locations on June 24th and 25th, 2023 from 10am to 3pm.

NDBC aims to support interest in beekeeping in the greater Mid-Hudson Valley, providing a channel through which members can encourage and help each other develop the skills and knowledge to be effective stewards of honeybees. They also offer informative monthly meetings hosting a variety of guest speakers, hands-on apiary experiences, small-group activities, mentorship opportunities, as well as social events for members. We hope you buzz on by to learn more!

For more information about the Northern Dutchess Beekeepers Club, please visit: