Alstroemeria in Vase

Alstroemeria as Cut Flowers

August 18, 2022
Adams Fairacre Farms

The cut flower of all cut flowers, alstroemeria is a staple flower in almost all bouquets. With blooms that can last up to two weeks and a color palette almost as wide as the spectrum itself, it is easy to see why. This South American native has made itself into a commodity for the flower markets—and has even worked its way into home gardens.

Colorful Combinations
The flowers of the alstroemeria plant are so interesting and diverse that they are often likened to that of orchid blooms. You can always find an alstroemeria to meet your design needs, thanks to the wide variety of color combinations available. The center three petals on these beautiful blooms feature streaks and speckles that almost remind you of whiskers. Some flowers come in multicolor blooms with brushstrokes of color. Speaking of brushstrokes, you can craft your very own pressed flowers with alstroemeria’s amazing blooms!

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