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Test Pilot Grilled Cheese-blog
March 17, 2023

National Grilled Cheese Day

At Adams, we take our cheese very seriously. So when we heard National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day was coming up, we decided we needed to celebrate the only way we knew how: with a grilled cheese of epic proportions! Today we bring you the McGrath Test Pilot Grilled Cheese, a collaborative effort between Colin McGrath […]
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Corned Beef Dinner
March 10, 2023

Roots of Irish Cooking

Ronnie is ready to (sham)rock, are you? 🍀 Come on down to our Produce Departments to stock up on the roots of Irish cooking. And don’t forget the star of the show…our Adams Farmstand Fresh Corned Beef!
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Washing Vegetables
February 22, 2023

Are You Washing Your Produce Correctly?

You may already know that you should wash your fruits and vegetables before you eat them. But did you know that there is some produce that is dirtier than others and requires more attention? To help keep us informed, every year the Environmental Working Group tests popular produce items and compiles their lists of the […]
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Sliced Pink Grapefruit
February 20, 2023

February is Grapefruit Month

Let’s hear it for the grapefruit! Juiced, tossed in a salad or eaten by the slice, we love grapefruits for their slightly tart juiciness. They are a great way to start your day, or a tasty snack. Luckily, Ronnie Davidson, Adams Poughkeepsie Produce Associate, is here to tell you everything you need to know about […]
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Bird Seed Cookies
December 29, 2022

DIY Bird Seed Cookies

Providing food for your backyard birds is especially vital during the winter. Food is scarce in the winter, but birds require more food in order to maintain enough energy and fat to stay warm and survive. A creative and fun way to feed your feathered friends is to make bird seed cookies. It’s also a […]
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Cara Cara Oranges
December 28, 2022

Have You Ever Seen a Pink Orange?

Odds are you walk right by this special orange without knowing it’s hidden secret. Does it taste like an orange or a grapefruit? Is it tart or sweet? Citrus season is almost here so let Ronnie Davidson, Adams Poughkeepsie Produce Associate, introduce you to this sweet gem. Winter is prime citrus season so stop in […]
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October 5, 2022

Halloween Coloring Contest 2022

Halloween Coloring Contest This year’s coloring contest will be online only. Prizes will be $25 Adams Gift Cards – one prize per age group per store! Contest Rules: Age groups are 1-3, 4-6 and 7-10 years old. Download the coloring page here: Halloween House Color away! The more creative the better. When you are done, […]
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Wallkill Store September 2022
September 15, 2022

Adams New Store Update September 2022

The dry summer weather has enabled good progress building the latest Adams store in the Town of Wallkill, NY. Much of the main building exterior and roofing is complete. Going into Autumn, Adams expects to keep a robust schedule and substantially complete the following work before winter: -Shingle and Metal Roofing -1st Floor Concrete Flat […]
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We're Hiring
February 24, 2022

Hudson Valley Job Market is Heating Up

Employment rates are starting to pick up across the Hudson Valley. Spectrum News recently wrote about this resurgence of job applicants and spoke to local recruiters about it, including our very own Recruiting & Training Manager, Dan Snyder! They all agreed that they are looking forward to meeting new the candidates for their open positions. […]
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