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Apple-Glazed Chicken

Adams Farmstand Fresh Chicken

January 19, 2021
Adams Fairacre Farms

The Meat Departments at Adams Fairacre Farms place tremendous value on the relationships we have with our customers. We are always seeking out the highest quality, healthiest, and most conscientious products we can find for you.

This mindset has led us to the beautiful hills and pristine mountains of Northeast Georgia to bring you our Farmstand Fresh Chicken. Ralph and Mary A. Adams began our company nearly 100 years ago guided by the principles of Family, Quality, Relationship with Community, and Stewardship of the Land. Using these principles we have found the chicken we believe they would approve of, and have confidence featuring at their Farmstand. Raised by a community of Farmers near Springer Mountain in Georgia, our Farmstand Fresh Chickens live cage free in spacious houses which provide a stress free environment with plenty of room to roam and an abundance of fresh, mountain water. Our chickens are fed a pesticide free, vegetarian diet of corn and soybeans, and are raised without the use of antibiotics, growth stimulants or hormones, or animal by products. 100% of the corn and soybean used is grown in the USA. Recognizing high quality living conditions makes for a healthy, less stressed, and ultimately safer and better tasting chicken.

The farms and facilities used in raising Farmstand Fresh Chickens are certified and audited by the American Humane Association. Making the welfare and comfort of these chickens a top priority is something we believe Ralph and Mary A. would have done in 1919, so we continue doing it today. We concentrate on these principles not only to ensure the quality of the meat you put on your table, but also to honor the process, the farmers and families, workers, and animals who give their lives and livelihoods for our sustenance. The result is a delicious, tender, and healthy chicken you can feel confident in using in all your recipes, both the special and the routine. Our Farmstand Fresh Chicken is yet another product we are proud to provide for you and your family, and we appreciate the loyalty, trust, and partnership you have with us as you shop our Meat Departments. See you at the Farmstand!