About Hudson Valley Organics Products

May 3, 2022
Adams Fairacre Farms

Hudson Valley Organics is dedicated to producing the finest organic soil amendments. To ensure quality and consistency, they monitor and test all finished products. Raw materials are tested as well including horse, cow and sheep manure. They also use hay, straw, shavings, sawdust and wood chips. Sand and native topsoil is used in the soil mixes.

All of their products have Hudson Valley compost or composted mulch in them. Take a look below at their range of product offerings.

Hudson Valley Compost
Hudson Valley compost is dark in color, with a rich earthly smell. This compost makes excellent amendment to all soils and can be used in tree and shrub plantings.

Hudson Valley Mulch
Hudson Valley mulch is dark brown to black in color. This mulch makes an attractive cover around your plants, shrubs and trees. It helps to retain moisture, provides weed control and reduces erosion. This mulch will continue to compost and you will notice a continued improvement in your soil. This product can also be used as a compost.

Hudson Valley Topsoil
Hudson Valley topsoil is an excellent stand-alone soil, or can be used in our custom mixes, that include our garden blend and raised bed mix.

Hudson Valley Garden Blend
Hudson Valley garden blend is a blend of our topsoil with additional organics to jumpstart new beds.

Hudson Valley Tree Mulch
Hudson Valley tree mulch is a blend of our mulch and triple ground bark mulch. This product is for use on trees and where a coarser mulch is wanted.

Hudson Valley Raised Bed Mix
Hudson Valley raised bed mix is a blend of our topsoil with additional compost and peastone to ensure proper drainage.

Information courtesy of HVOrganics.com