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Using Gro Max Compete 3-n-1 Planting Mix

Gro Max Complete 3-n-1 Potting Mix


Gro Max Compete 3-n-1 Planting Mix is a versatile blend of high-quality material designed especially for outdoor planting projects such as trees, shrubs, annuals and roses.




Application Directions

Planting Trees & Shrubs

  • Dig the hole twice the size of the root ball and as deep as the root ball.
  • Loosen soil at bottom of hole and mix in with a layer of 3-n1 Planting Mix. add water to soil prior to placing your plant. Enter planting in the hole at desired position. (Centered)
  • Fill in around and over root ball with a mixture of 3-n-1 Planting Mix and existing soil.
  • Tamp down until firm and level.
  • Water thoroughly.

Vegetable Gardens & Annuals

  • You can improve the top 4″-6″ of your existing garden or flowerbed by mixing 3-n-1 Planting Mix with your existing soil. Then plant and water. This will help keep your outdoor planting fro drying out and add nutrients to plant growth.

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