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Sweet Caroline Medusa Green Sweet Potato Vine

Here’s a fun new look for sweet potato vine in Sweet Caroline Medusa Green. More of a mounded filler than a trailer, it offers sublime tropical texture. The lime leaves, heavily toothed, are lightly veined in purple set off by dramatic purple stems. Sweet potato vines are technically edible tubers, and related to the delicious fall favorite, but they have next to no sugar. They are cultivars bred more for luscious foliage. Sweet Caroline Medusa Green shrugs off heat and humidity, making it an adaptable choice for many regions. It grows up to a foot high and two and half feet long (or wide) depending whether it’s in a container or the landscape.

Medusa Green looks great mixed with both bold hot colors like wine-purple, red and orange, as well as more serene limes, lemons and violets. Wonderful accent for a patio pot in either part sun to full sun or massed as a knockout edging in the garden.

Sweet Caroline Medusa Green

A vigorous grower adaptable to sun or partial sun, Sweet Caroline Medusa would prefer to be planted when soil temperatures are in the 50s (similar to when you would set out tomato and pepper plants), to have consistent moisture but not be soggy and have a bit of fertilizer. You may notice the foliage color is less lime and more green in shade. For landscape settings, adding compost and/or aged cow manure as a topdressing when planting is ideal. In containers, start with a slow-release fertilizer at planting, and consider following up with liquid fertilizers regularly as directed.

In containers, you may find Sweet Caroline Medusa is a little too quick in growing for her companions’ liking, in which case feel free to trim and thin as needed at any time.

  • Height 6-12 Inches
  • Width 18-30 Inches
  • Use as a filler when using in containers

Allow approximately 36 inches across for Sweet Caroline Medusa Green to stretch as a groundcover or landscape edging. In containers, grant 12-18 inches or be ready to thin out a few branches occasionally.

Information courtesy of PlantAddicts.com

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