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Growing Baby Gem Boxwood

Baby Gem™ Boxwood is the ideal shrub for a small space. This plant is perfect for small gardens and focal points with its small stature and delicate leaves. Since it’s evergreen, this shrub will always stand out in the winter months. Drought tolerant, deer and pest resistant, and low maintenance – this is a shrub that will please.

Try growing these into a small garden path border for a natural hedge that outlines the path year round. These bushes are also great in mass plantings because of the small size and ease of care.

Baby Gem Boxwood

Plan on establishing your Baby Gem boxwood in soil that drains well. Following planting, water until well established. These plants need at least 5 hours of sunlight each day.

Prune the Baby Gem Boxwood in the spring, when new growth is emerging. These shrubs do not lose leaves in the winter, meaning the bush is evergreen. You can grow these into well manicured hedges or other shapes, including topiaries. Or you can allow these shrubs to grow without trimming, for a more natural look all year round.

Once established, these shrubs are very hardy and easy to care for. Unless you want to trim these bushes into formal shapes, the plants will require minimum maintenance.

For an informal planting, plant 3 to 4 feet apart on center. If you are planning on pruning into a formal hedge, plant 18 to 24 inches apart center on center. You can also plant these in garden planters, for year round interest regardless of weather. Typically, you will not need more than 1 plant per container, unless the planter is very large.

Hardiness Zones
Zones 5 – 9

Mature Height


Sun Exposure
Full Sun


Information Courtesy of PlantAddicts.com

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