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Month: June 2022

Show Local Pollinators Some Love

by Vicki Day   If you’ve heard a lot of buzz about saving the pollinators you may be wondering what it’s all about. What exactly are pollinators? Why are they important? And just why do they need saving? What are … Read More

Mark & Sue Adams Greenhouses

Ever wonder where the beautiful Seasonal Greenhouse plants come from at Adams? Take a bird’s eye tour of the Mark & Sue Adams Greenhouses! Mark Adams began gardening when he was just seven years old, taught by his father and … Read More

Al’s Gardening Tip of the Week – Feed Your Garden

Vegetables and Flowering Annuals need to be fed on a regular schedule using some type of Fertilizer in order to get luscious fruits and veggies and colorful flowers in abundance. Compost, compost tea, liquid fertilizer, granular fertilizer, timed release fertilizer … Read More

Al’s Gardening Tip of the Week – Plant More Seeds

  Plant seeds for a second crop of vegetables. Succession planting enables you to extend the harvest season and enjoy fresh flowers and vegetables for a longer period of time. Some vegetables that are candidates are beans, zucchini and lettuce. … Read More

Ulster County Black Business Achievement Awards

The Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce and Ulster County Tourism will be hosting the inaugural Ulster County Black Business Achievement Awards and Community Connect to honor local Black businesses and entrepreneurs from the past, present and future. Adams is proud to … Read More

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