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Rachel Nargi - Cheese

We Are Still Gouda

November 13, 2020
Adams Fairacre Farms

These past few months have been the most unpredictable months I have ever had here. In the beginning of this, one of the most frequently asked questions was “Is this freezable?”, leading to a surge in sales of our grated, crumbled and shredded cheeses. Mozzarella also took a jump as a great snack for children home from school. Oddly enough though, after a few weeks, we saw a higher increase of local coffees as well as local and higher end cheese. As a food lover myself, I believe that people were beginning to miss their lavish meals they could once enjoy from a nice restaurant with friends or they felt an obligation to support their local farm or coffee roaster that they frequently drove by. We had many conversations with customers who would enquire about how to make a certain dish or would ask about how to put together a nice cheese board for a night in. It’s truly a rewarding profession when you know you participated in a meal that brought someone comfort and good memories through something simple like food even with the world in complete disarray.

-Rachel Nargi, Poughkeepsie Cheese Assistant Manager