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Month: April 2020

Vegetables You Can Plant in April

Article submitted by Mark Adams of Mark Adams Greenhouses Gardeners who can’t wait for spring to arrive have plenty of options. I always plant my vegetable garden too early (and put everything way too close together). Garlic that I planted … Read More

Adams COVID-19 Update

Adams Re-Opens Cafe at Half Capacity Seating Poughkeepsie, New York,  July 24, 2020 – Adams re-opens cafe at half capacity seating. Come on it and enjoy dining in or dining out with ice cream available. Adams Would Like to Thank … Read More

5 Easiest Vegetables for Home Gardens

by Mark Adams Forget local – we now have “hyperlocal” fresh vegetables of you grow your own. Here are 5 essential vegetables that can be grown without any problems – no insect pests, no diseases, no spraying! Just plant, sit … Read More

Smarty Plants

Smarty Plants! Teach Your Child – Gardening Tips By Sue Adams A garden is a great teacher. Children (and adults!) can learn about patience, watchfulness, conservation and respect for nature. But most of all, gardening is downright fun and rewarding. … Read More

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