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Introducing Aspen Song All Natural Wild Bird Seed at Adams!

Introducing Aspen Song All Natural Wild Bird Seed at Adams!

October 4, 2012

New At Adams Garden Centers

Want more birds to see, enjoy, and appreciate? Offer them wild bird food mixes designed FOR THEM! Aspen Song mixes have been designed to provide the best possible nutrition with the broadest possible appeal to your backyard visitors. Great, but does it make a difference? ABSOLUTELY! Why? A healthy diet is a matter of survival for songbirds. They innately seek food sources that provide needed energy, and balance their nutritional needs. They are free to choose where they find these essentials. Most of their diet comes from natural sources. The best way to get them to choose YOUR feeder is to satisfy their nutrition requirements with ASPEN SONG. Aspen Song has mixes formulated for the broadest appeal to seed eating birds and mixes designed for specific bird groups. For more information, bird feeding tips, a bird photo gallery and more visit

Aspen Song Bird

Join Adams Free Aspen Song Bird Feeding Rewards Club

Stop in today at any of adams garden centers for a free aspen song rewards card. When you purchase a total of 300lbs of any combination of aspen song all natural wild bird food products you will receive $10.00 off your next purchase of aspen seed wild bird food.