2024 Graduates

Graduation cap

We’re thrilled to congratulate all of our amazing employees who graduated high school or college this year! Balancing school and work is no small feat, and we couldn’t be prouder of your dedication and hard work. Your commitment to your education and to supporting our team has truly inspired us. We’re so grateful for everything you’ve done and can’t wait to see all the incredible things you’ll achieve next. Congratulations, graduates!

Poughkeepsie Graduates

Front End 
Mykayla Noble – Dutchess Community College
Schuylar Birrittella – Poughkeepsie High School
Georgia Campbell – Arlington High School
Sheila Chamorro Perez – SUNYNew Paltz
Becca Dammann – Arlington High School
Vinny Giangrasso – Arlington High School
Jazmin Guzman Rojas – Arlington High School
Kyra Johnson – Arlington High School
Isabelle Loginovs – Arlington High School
Idalaih Lopez Bustamante – Greater New York Academy
Misael Cruz Hernandez – Marist College
Maya Moffitt – Dutchess Community College
Emma Mylod – Poughkeepsie High School
Darienne Panarello – Arlington High School
Emily Rose – Arlington High School
Jahkym Hargrove – Franklin D. Roosevelt
Alyssa Pisano – Utica College

Gift Shop
Gianna Desisto – Dutchess Community College

Enaney Servidio – Marist- Digital Media Degree

Madison Tegler – Lourdes
Maddox Weiss – Lourdes
Diego Hernandez – Poughkeepsie High School
Riley Kaan Ciferri – Dutchess Community College

Tatiana Ayala-Birriel – Duchess Community College

Kingston Graduates

Front End
Hannah Smith – Saugerties High School
Crystina Smith – Kingston High School
Ethan Keesler – Kingston High School
Kaitlin Cardis – Kingston High School
Alivia Zahorsky – Kingston High School
Makayla Kollbeck – Kingston High School
Allison Guldan – Kingston High School

Madeline Hoyt – headed to Mount Saint Mary College

Adan Strachan – Kingston High School

Daviyon Timbrouck – Kingston High School

Garden Center
Jasmin Fuentes – Kingston High School

Newburgh Graduates

Saribelle Moncada

Sweet Shop
Jenna Swift
Gabriela Mendoza

Front End
Yaretsi Garcia
Linsey Lucero
Yazzari Reynolds
Ricardo Charriez
Zach Ascione
Gisell Flores
Karla Barraza
Loghan Talmadge
Venus Castellanos-Sandoval
Garrett Eckert
Jessica Bartul

Rebecca Hambrick

Jack Hoffman

Cheese & Coffee
Damaris Moran

Jack Seymour

Tatianna Nina
Jack Bogdan

Mia Calore
Jeseric Gonzalez
Joshua Toone
Ava Blackinton-Celentano
Eduardo Cruz

Garden Center
Andrew Fisher

Wappinger Graduates

Front End
Abigail Yereance – Siena College
Mackenzie Letizia – Cortland College
Devin Stackhouse – DCC – headed to New Paltz
Marcela Dominguez – DCC – headed to New Paltz
Tori Cambareri – DCC – headed to Mount Saint Mary
Michaela Gariolo – Mount Saint Mary
Amaya Restrepo – John Jay High School – headed to DCC
Isabella Klopfer – John Jay High School – headed to DCC
CJ Moore – Orchard View – headed to DCC
Jaimee Mooney – John Jay High School – headed to Orange County CC
Manny Johnson – John Jay High School – headed to Siena
Alysa Nunez – John Jay High School –headed to Westchester

Arianna Sunseri – Marist College

Richard Devizio – Quinnipiac University

Marissa Santoro – University of Pittsburgh

Kat Merendino – Nursing Program at DCC
Tyler-Tyrell Winston – Los Angeles Recording Studio

Garden Center
Pierce Brennan – SUNY New Paltz

Middletown Graduates

Front End
Omari Samuels – graduated high school
Nicole Reyes – graduated high school
Mariah Barban – going to Orange County Community College
Anthony Gallagher – graduated high school
Ebani Rugerio – graduated high school
Evan Reilly – going to Albany
Magdalena Regenuer – graduated high school

Jaylen Blackwell – going to Orange County Community College

Candy Shop
Rebekah Paradises – graduated Orange County Community College
Aayliah Austin – graduated Mount St. Mary’s College

Emily Hogan – going to Binghamton
Taylor Lindahl – going to SUNY Purchase
Grace Fevola – going to New Paltz
Naté Burley – going to Skidmore

Tyler Ostrowski – graduated high school