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2021 Lawn & Garden Shows

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Every year Adams Landscaping transforms a corner of each store for our Annual Lawn & Garden Shows, turning them into a spring paradise in winter, and this year is no exception. We invite you to step into an oasis of spring color in full bloom, where paths meander through flowers, trees, waterfalls and stone walls and winter’s chill melts away.

New this year will be dedicated DIY areas in each show, where you can get ideas and how-to tips from our experts. Get ready to be inspired, roll up your sleeves and spring into action! Each store will offer something different so attend them all if you can!


Poughkeepsie: February 26 – March 7

Newburgh: February 26 – March 7

Kingston: March 5 – March 14

Wappinger: March 5 – March 14


New Policies Due to Covid-19

  • There will be limited capacity in the show, we will be counting entrants
  • Seniors and high-risk individuals can attend during our special shopping hours of 7am-8am daily
  • There will be a one-way route through the show
  • No food or drinks allowed in the show and no food or drinks served at the show
  • There will be No Events, Seminars, Vendors or Cake at this year’s Shows
  • Balloons will be in the Flower Shops
  • ‘Animal Finds’ will take place throughout the store, not inside the actual Shows
  • Drawings will be posted in the various departments and will have a QR code to enter online
  • No plant material used in the show will be sold during the Show weekends


DIY Areas


  • Tropical Container Gardens – by Marnie Reilly and Emma Gosnell
    • CLICK HERE to view some tropical container gardening tips & tricks
  • Seed Starting – by Randy Padgett, Jesse Eldrich and Bron Bialy


  • The Victory Garden – by Maureen Drury
    • We’ll show you easy techniques for planting vegetable and herb gardens, including Raised Beds, Container Gardening, ‘No Dig’ Compost Gardening and Deer and Groundhog Fencing
    • To see what plants we’re discussing, and for more gardening resources, CLICK HERE
  • Edible Landscape Design – by Tim Bellamy
    • CLICK HERE for a list of all the edible plants we’ll be discussing and tips on how to use them


  • Vegetable and Herb Gardening
  • Miniature Gardening


  • Do It Yourself Raised Beds – by Wappinger Garden Center Crew
    • An excellent project for the beginning or accomplished gardener. Raised beds make the planting, care and harvests easy. Let us show you how!
  • Planting a Terrarium – by Daniel Servedio
    • CLICK HERE to see the steps for creating a beautiful terrarium

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