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New Plant Varieties 2017

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  • Angelonia Angelface Perfectly Pink

    Angelonia Angelface Perfectly Pink

    Heat loving and drought tolerant, long blooming and deer resistant, perfect in beds and containers. Full sun. Height: 8-12”

  • Angelonia Archangel Blue Bicolor

    Angelonia Archangel Blue Bicolor

    The biggest blooms of any angelonia, thrives in heat, humidity and drought. Full sun. Height: 12-14”

  • Celosia Dracula

    Celosia Dracula

    This unique novelty celosia produces one big bloom on top of each plant. Eye-catching color and shape add drama to gardens and containers. Full sun. Height: 8-16”

  • Coleus Flame Thrower Habanero

    Coleus Flame Thrower Habanero

    Bold foliage colors in a compact habit, features fiery orange leaves with a touch of purple at the center and edges. Sun or shade. Height: 12-18”