Our Cheese Stands Alone

The Adams Cheese Department really should be called the Big Cheese Department, simply because we offer so many varieties. You’ll find an enormous selection of imported cheeses like English Stilton, Red Leicester, Huntsman or Wensleydale, Italian Taleggio, Locatelli, Bel Paese, Irish Cheddar, Mexican Queso Fresco, French Morbier. The list is (almost) endless! There’s a multitude of domestic options and harder to find varieties, as well. We also feature handcrafted artisan cheeses produced locally by the Old Chatham Sheepherding Company, The Amazing Real Live Food Co., Sprout Creek Farm, Coach Farm, and many others.

There is more than dairy to be had in the Adams Cheese Department, such as dozens of store-made dips and spreads, freshly ground nut butters (peanut, almond, cashew), a large assortment of olives, crackers, and more. We also carry graters and other cheese accessories, items that vary from store to store. Our cheese attendants are more than happy to answer your questions and dole out free samples, so don’t be shy!

Cheese Department