Rosemary Topiary Tree

Rosemary “Standard” or Topiary Tree

Sometimes called a topiary, a standard is a woody plant trained to a tall woody stem which is crowned with a round head of foliage.

How to Make Your Own Rosemary Topiary:

  1. Start with a small rosemary plant, about 6-8” tall.
  2. Transfer to decorative pot, using potting soil. Be sure the pot has a hole for drainage.
  3. Trim the lower branches at the sides to encourage the plant to grow vertically.
  4. Chose a plant stake the height desired for the finished standard and push it into the soil next to the plant.
  5. Tie the plant to a stake. Check the ties periodically to make sure they are not constricting the outward growth of the stem.
  6. Water thoroughly. Make sure that the plant is not sitting in water (i.e. if you have a saucer under the pot), and let it dry out in between waterings.
  7. Place in a sunny window (6+ hours of sunlight). Keep away from hot air vents and radiators.
  8. Fertilize weekly.
  9. Maintain the shape of the head with selective pinching of the new shoots. Strip off any lower leaves that develop.
  10. Overwintering your rosemary topiary indoors – During the not quite dormant state of winter, stop fertilizing.